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Welcome to the latest map we have created, brought to you by Mistblast Studios. You dreamed of to be a creator at Tracle... It was your dream to upload videos! Spawned at your bedroom at the studio, the game focuses YOU to publish videos on the website. You can play alone or with friends (a maximum of 12), whatever goes your way.


Here is how to do it. Go to the studio. Use your computer and start recording. Upload it. And hey, you got comments, likes, and subs! Well, keep on making on your own, or otherwise it might be a nightmare.


Tired of using your old but obtuse computer + chair? Then worry no more! You'll have to upgrade your computer and chair with subs! These types of computers and chairs are unlocked from 0 to over 75 subscribers. Get more subs and get some upgrades!


You can meet another Tracler at the Creator Garden outside of the upgrade shop. You'll meet others (and a featured creator) all around. You and your friends can play on the swing, chill in the bubble bath, etc. Everyone in the Tracle world loves to socialize and talk with others!


Getting subs is cool when you uploaded a certain video. They're are not one, not two, not even three but FOUR different Tracle creator awards. The first one which you have no subs has a wooden play button. While the second, is, if you get 25 subs you'll have a bronze (copper) play button. While the last 2 where you can obtain with 50-75 subs is a silver (iron) play button and a golden play button. That's it. That's the features.

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Thank you for playing the map! c:


Map and addon created by swag1773

Toilet build made possibly by MagmaMusen (YT)

Inspired by Jigarbov Productions' Marketplace Creator Tycoon and other tycoon maps from the Minecraft Marketplace

Icons from flaticon.com

Distributed for Planet Minecraft by swag1773

Copyright © 2022 Mistblast Studios. All rights reserved.

Install instructions

The In-App Way:

Click on Download and the world file will be exported to your device. Move to Android>data>com.mojang>minecraftWorlds and done! The map has been imported to Minecraft.

The External Way:

Click on Download and the world file will be exported to your device. Move to games>com.mojang>minecraftWorlds and done! The map has been imported to Minecraft.


Tracle Simulator _ v0.23.mcworld 524 kB

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